Cablefree 'Lite' - Product Datasheet

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Cablefree 'Lite'

Similar in design concept to the advanced Cablefree 622 ,Access & Gigabit systems, the Cablefree 'Lite' is a small, cost-effective communications link for use over short hops of around 200m. The Cablefree 'Lite' offers a choice of either 2.048Mbps G703 or 10Mbps Ethernet interfaces, providing the user with a low-cost solution for data connectivity at a keenly competitive price.
Rather than offering the full range of data interfaces, upgradeability or advanced features of the other Cablefree products, the Cablefree 'Lite' has been optimised for operation at lower data rates and contains all the design features which contribute to the excellent performance of all Cablefree systems.

The Cablefree 'Lite' is available only with interfaces either for G703 / E1 at 2.048Mbps or Ethernet at 10Mbps. Applications which require higher data rates are better suited to the Cablefree 622. The Cablefree 'Lite' will operate at ranges up to 200m with excellent link availability figures exceeding 99.7% in all weather conditions. System can be used with both mains and low voltage power supplies or light weight battery packs.

The advanced design features give the Cablefree 'Lite' superior performance over comparable infrared free-space communications systems. In adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog, snow, smog and thermal shimmer, the built-in ‘fade’ margin ensures uninterrupted data transmission. The use of ‘wide beam’ technology overcomes potential problems of vibration and building movement ensuring correct beam alignment at all times.  All Cablefree systems have very minimal maintenance requirements.

The Cablefree 'Lite' system is supplied as a pair of full-duplex transceiver units in IP65 environmentally protected casings, together with optional wall-mount or tripod fixings and power supplies. The system has in-built alignment aids, link-test and basic diagnostic functions to facilitate installation and service.

Cablefree 'Lite' incorporates numerous safety features and has been certified to be eye-safe to the requirements of IEC825 and BS EN60825.

Cablefree 'Lite' Technical Data


Range Over 200m at 10Mbps
Data rates supported 2.048Mbps G.703 and 10Mbps Ethernet
Unfaded Bit Error Rate Better than 1x10-10 at 10Mbps over 200m
Fade Margin 16dB to overcome fog, rain, snow or shimmer
Link Availability Greater than 99.7% for typical UK installation

Unit Specification:

Size 300 x 200 x 120mm
Weight 2.5kg
Unit Power Consumption 80W 12Vdc
External ac Power Supply 90 – 250V ac auto-ranging
Operating Temperature -20 to 60ºC

Optical sub-systems:

Operating Wavelength 785nm
Filtering Infra-red filter removes interference from daylight
Beam divergence Factory set between 0.5º and 4º
Optical classification Eye-safety to Class 3b to IEC825 rev. 1996

Alignment aids:

Alignment sight Mechanical ‘gun-sight’ for general alignment
RSSI meter 10-step signal strength meter and audible tone
FM audio 2-way ‘voice link’ for speech and RSSI tones

Data Formats:

G.703 E1/2.048Mbps Coaxial 2x BNC 75ohm, or
Twisted Pair RJ-45 120ohm
Ethernet 10Mbps 10BaseT RJ-45, or
10BaseFL 850nm ST multimode fibre

Note: The CableFree ‘Lite’ data interface is non-removable and the system does not support the full range of speeds and data interfaces available for CableFree500 and CableFree1000 systems.

Accessories & options

Installation Pan & Tilt mount, Wall bracket, Tripod adaptors

Note: The CableFree ‘Lite’ is an entry-level system and does not provide diagnostic information and out-of-tolerance indication for power, temperature and laser life, and does not support remote monitoring or SNMP network management options.