Cablefree 622 - Product Datasheet

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Cablefree 622

  • High performance communications systems
  • Carries data up to 622Mbps at ranges of 500, 1000 and 2000m
  • Performance verified in trials including BBC, BT, Canon, CNN, Ericsson, GCHQ Mitel and Racal
  • Interchangeable data interface moduled from 2 to 622Mbps with voice & data options
  • 1+1 redundant link options
  • Immediate applications in Data Networking, Telecommunications, Broadcast and CCTV

Cablefree 622 Technical Data


Range Greater than 1.0km
Data rates supported 64kbps to 622Mbps
Unfaded Bit Error Rate Better than 1x10-10 at 270Mbps over 1.0km
Fade Margin 20dB to overcome fog, rain, snow or shimmer
Link Availability Greater than 99.7% for typical UK installation

Unit Specification:

Size 480 x 350 x 200mm
Weight 5kg
Unit Power Consumption 100W 12Vdc
External ac Power Supply 90 – 250V ac auto-ranging
Operating Temperature -20 to 60ºC

Optical sub-systems:

Operating Wavelength 785nm
Filtering Infra-red filter removes interference from daylight
Beam divergence User-configurable between 0.5º and 5º
Optical classification Eye-safety to Class 3b to IEC825 rev. 1996

Alignment aids:

Alignment sight Mechanical ‘gun-sight’ for general alignment
RSSI meter 10-step signal strength meter and audible tone
FM audio 2-way ‘voice link’ for speech and RSSI tones

Data Formats:

Digital signals All data interfaces listed on ‘Data Interfaces’ sheet are supported
Analogue signals Analogue signals (e.g. video) carried using FM encoder module, 9MHz with 67dB SNR

Accessories & options

Installation Pan & Tilt mount, Wall bracket, Tripod adaptors
Diagnostics Bit-error-rate measurement, in-built system diagnostics, remote status monitoring