Due to the extensive array of CCTV components available, we cannot portray them here. However, as can be seen, we highly recommend the Panasonic range. Panasonic is the only manufacturer that can offer a complete solution with there own equipment for any given requirement regardless of project size. They continue to lead the field in technology with the most competitive prices. We have been involved with this product since our inception and continue to do so.
Panasonic is distributed by Rexel Australia offering technical support and full service facilities Australia wide. This, in our opinion, is an important feature in choosing your equipment, knowing you will achieve maximum online service from your system.
Should you wish to take advantage of the current trend of Digital recording, we have access to the most effective systems available on the market to date. We only offer systems that have been fully evaluated in all aspects. In essence, they perform as advertised.
This area includes Access Control, CCTV, Alarms, Intercom, Fire Control, Lift Control or any other electronic service that can be incorporated into a single operating system. Building Management is an example of system integration.
Should you have any questions regarding the use of  CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and or Integrated Systems whether it is system design or budgetary figures, we are only to pleased to help.