The microwave video links offered are a Watchguard product manufactured here in Australia. We have had, over the past 8 years, great success with this product. As it stands we are into the 5th generation of links as we are constantly keeping abreast of new technology, as it becomes available. All components are of the best quality available.

The links operate in the unlicensed bandwidth. This is an important factor as the Spectrum Management Authority inflicts costly annual fees on equipment operating outside this bandwidth.

As can be seen from the data provided, they are hand held in size and weatherproof. There is no requirement for an external dish. Should your requirements extend beyond 4000m the units can be relayed for any given range.

We believe that the WatchGuard system is the most versatile and cost effective units in Australia today. Multiple channels are available. ( Three in the unlicensed frequency band width 10.5Gig) Multiple sites can be received to a single site. All three frequencies are locked for trouble free operation and ease of installation. It is virtually plug and play.

Lift Cameras:
We are currently testing our equipment to operate in multistory applications were CCTV cameras can be installed in currently operating lifts at a fraction of the cost quoted by lift companies. Normally $10,000 Aus: per lift to drop a cable. This makes the WatchGuard link a very plausible solution.

Demonstrations are available prior to purchase at no cost. Although the systems can be customised to suit each individual application and come complete with easy to follow installation instructions. WatchGuard engineers are available to give online support for a service fee, or onsite commissioning at the prevailing rate.

All WatchGuard products can be purchased on an Operating Lease (Rental Agreement) from 24 to 60 months offering 100% tax benefits. Turn around is normally 24-48 hours this can also include maintenance agreements, peripherals and upgrades without entering into a new agreement.


   •   4km range
   •   Integral antenna
   •   Light weight, small size
   •   Waterproof housing
   •   11 – 16 V DC @ 50ma operation
   •   3 Channels @ 14Mhz ea

The SX-4000 is a complete video transmission system using the latest X band microwave transmitter & compatible receiver. The system will transmit Colour or B/w live video from a single video camera.

A multiplexor can be connected at both ends to permit multiple camera signals to be transmitted simultaneously. The receiver outputs are standard video & audio to suit a monitor or DVR input.

The SX-4000 security video link can be installed and operated with a minimum effort. The equipment operates on 12V DC power and the video inputs and outputs are industry standard 75 ohm BNC that can be connected directly to video cameras and monitors.

This transmitter operates in the 10.5 to 10.55 GHZ band. It can be operated without a license, as the power output is less than 20dbm.

This transmitter complies with the relevant Australian and New Zealand standard as required by the Spectrum Management Authority and is labeled appropriately.

  •  Frequency:   
  • 10.5 to 10.55Ghz
  •  Power input   
  • 11 –16 VDC @ 50ma
  •  RF Power output  
  • 40mw
  •  Frequency stability  
  • +- 4 ppm /deg C
  •  Video bandwidth  
  • 14 Mhz
  •  Video Input     
  • 1 V P-P into 75 ohms
  •  Antenna   
  • Integral horn antenna.
  •  Modulation   
  • FM
  •  Dimensions   
  • L 130mm * W 75mm * H 60mm
  •  Manufacture

    LNB converter and amplifier
  •  Frequency:   
  • 10.4 to 11.0Ghz
  •  Power:   
  • Supplied by IF receiver

  •  Power:   
  • 12Volts DC
  •  LNB inputs:   
  • 1 Input
  •  Video Outputs:
  • 1 Video De-emphasis
  •  Video Bandwidth 18 Mhz:  
  •  Tuning manual: